Policy Requirements

Under PIDA, Organizational Heads are required to establish policy and procedures to manage disclosures of wrongdoings.  These policies and procedures must include:

  • procedures for receiving and reviewing disclosures, including setting periods for making recommendations about any corrective measures that should be taken;
  • procedures for referring the matter to another organization;
  • procedures which ensure that the  principles of procedural fairness and natural justice are utilized when reviewing and investigating disclosures; 
  • procedures to ensure that the confidentiality of information collected in relation to disclosures and investigations is respected unless there is an imminent risk of danger to the life, health or safety of persons, or the environment;
  • procedures for protecting the identity of persons involved in the disclosure process;
  • procedures for reporting the outcome of investigations; and
  • procedures for enforcement and follow-up of any disciplinary or corrective action taken.

The Public Service Commission has developed PID procedures, which are available here.

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