Your Process

To assist you in your role as a Designated Officer, our office has identified a 12 Step process you can use when someone discloses a wrongdoing to you.  

As Designated Officer, your process should include actions to address these 12 steps. 

12 Steps to Managing a PID*

  1. Assess the information (Is this a PID?).
  2. Refer (if appropriate) and seek advice (if required).
  3. Inform the discloser about the process and what to expect.
  4. Take action to address the wrongdoing.
  5. Provide support to those involved.
  6. Manage expectations of those involved.
  7. Maintain confidentiality.
  8. Assess the risk for reprisal.
  9. Protect the discloser.
  10. Address the impacts of any investigation within the organization.
  11. Keep records.
  12. Treat the person who is the subject of the PID in a fair and unbiased manner.


*Adapted from: Crime and Misconduct Commission, Queensland Ombudsman, and Public Service Commission (2011) Has one of your staff blown the Whistle?

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